Consultant’s Ideas on Facebook Marketing

The foundation of all Social Networks is based upon the most dominant play in social media,Facebook.

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Indeed, the other well known social networks such as Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are derivatives of some element already found on Facebook. Now these sites have a more specific purpose rather than being a more be-all site – Twitter for example is focused on instant communication, which is something that Facebook has had (though not necessarily as successful as Twitter) for some time. With Users on Facebook approaching 1.5 billion worldwide – and it is an amazingly active user base with an industry high daily login ratio of user base to active users. Obviously, the best way to boost a site’s social standing and social signals is to have a Facebook Fan page with lots of Facebook Likes – this is THE metric that all brands, services and even small groups constantly strive to grow and dominate within their industry sector. Certainly, Likes that are already on your Page, will increase the number of organic likes your page receives. The best way to over-achieve in this metric is to make buying facebook likes part of your Facebook marketing strategy. This will inspire others to spend time on your site, like the page and return to see what is the latest information on the site. Be smart about how you go about your buy facebook likes tactic. Don’t over-reach for your particular niche. You want to keep it natural, yet get enought to beat out the competition!

The below video explains the value of Facebook Likes and other aspects of this vital marketing metric.

It is a constant that we experience every day – entities, be they business or otherwise for us to “like” them on Facebook. Many times we have to like a page or photo just to enter into a special page on a website or we see where website operators will share information, such as video or a speciality document, only if you click on the like button first to gain entrance for the download or a glimpse. We can see as a result of this behavior how critical the like button on the Facebook Fan Page is to web marketers of all types. Obviously, having likes is important – to everybody! So, clearly, just like everyone else you need to have a Facebook likes campaign in place and ongoing. This boosts your likes numbers which in turn boosts your page’s and your entities social signals. Within that strategy you should apply the tactic to buy facebook likes that will, in turn, draw others into liking your page as well (generally, people are followers of trends, thus they tend to join where there is already a crowd). In other words, buying fans on facebook can lead to organic growth of likes. A little inside information from your social media marketing consultants.

Marketing on Twitter is all about the Followers

Ah the Tweet. The newest form of mass communication which has been quickly and widely adapted. Although limited to only 140 characters (clever move on the part of the creators that understood that their target audience has a very short attention span) Tweets have become wildly popular among consumers of sports, news, gossip and even just missives from family or friends. Twitter has done an amazing job of not only anticipating this market, but dominating it. The other social media players such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat et. al. appear to have given up trying to beat Twitter at its game. So how does a marketer take advantage of this social networking platform? By getting and maintaining followers – as without followers there is no audience.

Buying Twitter Followers

With Twitter Followers you have an audience – without people following your, no-one is receiving your communiques and no one is passing them along via retweets. The key, from a marketing perspective, is to be constantly striving to grow your number of followers. Often, it can be difficult and time-consuming to increase your number of followers organically. What we social marketing insiders suggest is to buy followers on Twitter and use this as both a base of core followers and as a means to attract new followers. As we mention above, people tend to follow the crowd – go for what is already a hit with others. Accordingly it makes sense to have a nice amount of followers to start out. Once you have established a core of followers and have enhanced your tweets to attract even more followers (often through the retweeting of your core group of followers, so creating interesting and exciting tweets is something you should work hard at)you should continue to buy twitter followers to assist your organic marketing and to keep up your momentum. Indeed that is how becoming viral happens!

Learning how to market on Twitter is a basic social media marketing skill to have in one’s quiver of practical marketing abilities. Here, in this video there are some good ideas about how to approach Twitter marketing.

Use Twitter as a primary marketing platform when targeting the social networks for various promotional and informational campaigns. It is effective because it is popular, has an extended reach, and your existing followers can be leveraged into even more followers.

Consultant’s tip: Don’t forget about Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest growing of the larger social networks. This is particularly true amongst the most attractive of demographics – teens and those in their early twenties. Creating a mental presence with this set is the type of early branding techniques used in traditonal children’s TV. Except this is more targeted.

As with Twitter, the key metric is followers. And it is axiomatic that the more followers you have the more important your Instagram Page appears to visitors. This is very important, as if you show that you are popular, users will stay on your page to check out your images (afterall, that is what Instagram is all about – and indeed is the largest image sharing site on the internet). It is no overstatement that a picture is worth 1,000 words. So getting followers is essential on this platform and, you can buy followers on Instagram in a fashion similar to what we recommend above to do with Twitter followers. Accordingly, we won’t spend too much space getting into the detail here, but getting followers and then marketing to their interests are the key components of a strong Instagram marketing strategy.

Below, we have provided a video that shares some useful information related to both marketing on Instagram and some photography ideas for your images.